2 Star Pirates 

Common pirates that can be recruited in the Argo Tavern in exchange for Grog.

Elrite Corsair Poster Elrite Musketeer Poster Elrite Support Poster Felicia Cannoneer Poster Felicia Corsair Poster Felicia Musketeer Poster
Corsair Musketeer Support Cannoneer Corsair Musketeer
Grant Brute Poster Grant Cannoneer Poster Grant Defender Poster Jekyll Brute Poster Jekyll Cannoneer Poster Jekyll Swashbuckler Poster
Brute Cannoneer Defender Brute Cannoneer Swashbuckler
Marly Cannoneer Poster Marly Corsair Poster Marly Swashbuckler Poster Max Cannoneer Poster Max Musketeer Poster Max Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Corsair Swashbuckler Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Millie Cannoneer Poster Millie Corsair Poster Millie Musketeer Poster Sylvia Cannoneer Poster Sylvia Musketeer Poster Sylvia Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Corsair Musketeer Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Willow Cannoneer Poster Willow Musketeer Poster Willow Swashbuckler Poster Zack Cannoneer Poster Zack Defender Poster Zack Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler Cannoneer Defender Swashbuckler

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