3 Star Pirates 

These are the common pirates in Special Recruit and you can also find them in Scouting at the Argo Tavern.

Arche Cannoneer Poster Arche Corsair Poster Arche Musketeer Poster Bernardo Cannoneer Poster Bernardo Musketeer Poster Bernardo Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Corsair Musketeer Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Carmilla Cannoneer Poster Carmilla Mage Poster Carmilla Musketeer Poster Centurion Brute Poster Centurion Cannoneer Poster Centurion Defender Poster
Cannoneer Mage Musketeer Brute Cannoneer Defender
Electra Archer Poster Electra Defender Poster Electra Mage Poster Hewlett Cannoneer Poster Hewlett Musketeer Poster Hewlett Swashbuckler Poster
Archer Defender Mage Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Irina Healer Poster Irina Musketeer Poster Irina Support Poster Jack Cannoneer Poster Jack Musketeer Poster Jack Swashbuckler Poster
Healer Musketeer Support Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Jester Mage Poster Jester Spearman Poster Jester Support Poster Kathula Cannoneer Poster Kathula Mage Poster Kathula Musketeer Poster
Mage Spearman Support Cannoneer Mage Musketeer
Lily Archer Poster Lily Cannoneer Poster Lily Spearman Poster Ponce Brute Poster Ponce Cannoneer Poster Ponce Healer Poster
Archer Cannoneer Spearman Brute Cannoneer Healer
Luca Brute Poster Luca Cannoneer Poster Luca Spearman Poster Noir Archer Poster Noir Brute Poster Noir Spearman Poster
Brute Cannoneer Spearman Archer Brute Spearman
Orwell Brute Poster Orwell Defender Poster Orwell Spearman Poster Rosencrantz Cannoneer Poster Rosencrantz Defender Poster Rosencrantz Spearman Poster
Brute Defender Spearman Cannoneer Defender Spearman
Seria Archer Poster Seria Cannoneer Poster Seria Defender Poster Teo Cannoneer Poster Teo Corsair Poster Teo Mage Poster
Archer Cannoneer Defender Cannoneer Corsair Mage
Tina Cannoneer Poster Tina Musketeer Poster Tina Swashbuckler Poster Viggo Cannoneer Poster Viggo Corsair Poster Viggo Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler Cannoneer Corsair Swashbuckler
Vincent Musketeer Poster Vincent Support Poster Vincent Swashbuckler Poster Vostok Cannoneer Poster Vostok Spearman Poster Vostok Swashbuckler Poster
Musketeer Support Swashbuckler Cannoneer Spearman Swashbuckler
Argus Brute Poster Cassandra Healer Poster Eruk Swashbuckler Poster Gustavo Swashbuckler Poster Karen Mage Poster
Brute Healer Swashbuckler Swashbuckler Mage
Kasha Swashbuckler Poster Larissa Mage Poster Nomi Archer Poster Rachel Corsair Poster Razor Musketeer Poster
Swashbuckler Mage Archer Corsair Musketeer
Rupture Healer Poster Serge Archer Poster Snakebeard Musketeer Poster
Healer Archer Musketeer

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