4 Star Pirates 

Strong pirates that can only be obtained through Premium Gacha or collecting their Wanted Posters

Anita Cannoneer Poster Anita Musketeer Poster Anita Swashbuckler Poster Brad Cannoneer Poster Brad Musketeer Poster Brad Swashbuckler Poster
Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler Cannoneer Musketeer Swashbuckler
Dione Cannoneer Poster Dione Mage Poster Dione Spearman Poster Duke Brute Poster Duke Cannoneer Poster Duke Musketeer Poster
Cannoneer Mage Spearman Brute Cannoneer Musketeer
Inazuma Cannoneer Poster Inazuma Corsair Poster Inazuma Swashbuckler Poster Metis Archer Poster Metis Cannoneer Poster Metis Defender Poster
Cannoneer Corsair Swashbuckler Archer Cannoneer Defender
Vale Archer Poster Vale Defender Poster Vale Spearman Poster Violetta Cannoneer Poster Violetta Corsair Poster Violetta Musketeer Poster
Archer Defender Spearman Cannoneer Corsair Musketeer