5-11 Past, Present, Future
Story The blockade is broken Let's head to where Eruk is guiding us.
Type Main Story, Open Route
Stamina Requirements 12
Enemy Strength 25,670
Ships Max 6
Victory condition Defeat all enemies.
Rewards 640 Gold
2380 Grog
Loot Summary Swabbie x1
Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Duel Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Gold Ticket 4000 x1
Grog Ticket 4000 x1
Mother Ship Blueprint x1
Commander's Assult Ship Blueprint x1
Enemy Pirates Tokiwa (Defender) Level 65 5 star Blue x1
Cannoneer Level 68 1 star Red x5
Enemy Ships Armored Giant Shield Ship x1
Cannon Frigate Ship Ship x2
Long Ballista Ship Ship x1
Long Catapult Ship Ship x2
Grog Ship x1

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