3 Stars
Cannoneer Red 0
Arche Cannoneer 0
Level 1/40
HP 1316
Attack 1316
Gunnery 1752
Loading 2088
Swabbie Slots 3/6
Active Skill Repair

Re-use time: 5 sec

Provides major healing to the ship you're aboard and a major boost to defense.

Passive Skill Scatter Shell
Cannon attacks have low chance to become double shells.

[ Must be on the mother ship or a ranged ship.]

Passive Skill Ship Repair [SUPER]
"Lets go and seek the wonders of ancient times."

An archeologist who travels the world to investigate unexplored areas. She seeks the legendary "City of gold" . She loves history and artifacts and has no tolerance for thieves who only seek money. She's also an expert with throwing knives.

Adds a low chance to heal base facilities moderately during normal attacks or support by the ship you're aboard.

Passive Skill Armor enhance [SUPER]
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 40

Provides a moderate boost to defense for the ship you are aboard during battle.

Other Classes Corsair Green 0Musketeer Blue 0

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