5 Stars
Pirate Hunter
Corsair Green 0
Ashley Corsair 0
Level 1/60
HP 1944
Attack 5220
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 5/10
Active Skill Bloodlust

Paralyzes all enemies.

Passive Skill Secret Sneak Attack

Normal attacks have a high chance of making enemy pirates falter.

Passive Skill Critical Hit [SUPER]
"The only things you can rely on are guns and money!"

A female warrior who hunts pirates for a living. An event in her past led to an intense hatred of pirates, and before she knew it, she began to find joy in pirate massacres.

Available at level 30.

Has a moderate chance to add an anti-personnel effect to normal attacks.

Passive Skill Increase Strength
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 60

Provides a minor boost to own max HP during battle.

Other Classes Cannoneer Red 0Musketeer Blue 0

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