Here are the basic information that you need to know about War Pirates

Strengthening is a method that helps increase the EXP of your pirates by fusing a "Strengthening Monkey Ookie" or any other pirates to them. Additionally, fusing an identical pirate of any class in this process unlocks a swabbie slot.
Promotion is a process where you can increase the star rating of your max level pirates. To promote a pirate, you need a same star rating pirate or the same star Promotion Bird to complete the process.
Swabbie Management
In Swabbie Management, you can arrange and assign swabbies to your pirates.
Weaknesses, this is the natural strength and weaknesses of a pirate type.
Stamina Potion
Items. Here you can see the following items that you can use in the game. Just tap the image to know more.
In every game there is a Currency, Gems, Gold, Grog and Exchange Point are use in this game.
By Adding Friends you gain more advantage through the game. Learn how you can have more Friends here by adding them. Friends can support you during battle.
Data Transfer
If you want to transfer your account into another device the Data Transfer settings is were you can do that. Follow these steps to transfer your account.

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