Fallen Lagoon
Area Counts 15
Treasure Box Counts 5
Max resource per hour Gold 156/hour
Grog 156/hour
Mission counts Main Story 12
Sub Story 7
General 8
Obtainable Ship Gold Ship 2-5 Razor, Rotted Fort
Grog Ship 2-5 Razor, Rotted Fort
Armored Interceptor Ship 2-7 Fireproof paint, Kikiri Island
March Ship 2-12 A Plan, Rift's Fleet
Tactician's Assault Ship White Knight Dirk (Latter), Atoll North
Obtainable Structure Merchant Ships 2-2 Dirk, Fallen Lagoon
Temple 2-12, A Plan, Rift's Fleet
Obtainable Special Pirate Larissa After completing the map
Razor Razor's Wanted Posters, Bayan Islands
Rupture Rupture's Wanted Posters, Bayan Islands

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