4 Stars
Sea Spirit
Cannoneer Red 0
Dione Cannoneer 0
Level 1/50
HP 1584
Attack 1456
Gunnery 2112
Loading 2112
Swabbie Slots 4/8
Active Skill Weapon Enhance

Provides a major boost to all friendly ships' attack speed within a specified area.

Passive Skill Critical Shell [SUPER]

Cannon attacks have a moderate chance of providing a minor boost to damage.

[Must be on the mothership or a ranged ship.]

Passive Skill Ship Repair
"I shall see whether you are truly a hero or not."

A spirit of the sea who appears and grants trials upon heroes. Legends say that many pirates have challenged the trials and disappeared at sea, and thus she is feared by sailors. It's said that she can use powerful magic when she awakens.

Available from Level 30

Adds a low chance to heal base facilities slightly during normal attacks or support by the ship you're aboard.

Passive Skill Quick Reload
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 50

Provides a major boost to attack speed for the ship you are aboard for 10 seconds after start of battle.

Other Classes Spearman Green 0Mage Blue 0

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