4 Stars
Pirate King
Cannoneer Red 0
Duke Cannoneer 0
Level 1/50
HP 1824
Attack 2064
Gunnery 3632
Loading 2112
Swabbie Slots 4/8
Active Skill Anti-Materiel Barrage

Fires 4 shots at random enemies within range and causes major damage.

[Must be on the mothership or a ranged ship.]

Passive Skill Scatter Shell [HYPER]

Cannon attacks have a high chance of providing a minor boost to damage.

[Must be on the mothership or a ranged ship.]

Passive Skill Critical Shell [HYPER]
"Leave everything to me!"

He managed to climb to the top of the heap as a master pirate in the pirate isles, but he has lost his fleet and is looking for a chance at a comeback. He is a loud optimist, but also has a shrewd, calculating side.

Available from level 30

Adds a low chance to heal base facilities significantly during normal attacks or support by the ship you're aboard.

Passive Skill Paralysis Cannon [SUPER]
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 50

Cannon attacks have a moderate chance to paralyze the enemy.

[Must be on the mothership or a ranged ship.]

Other Classes Brute Green 0Musketeer Blue 0

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