1 Star
Spearman Blue 0
Gaul Spearman 0
Level 1/20
HP 1370
Attack 1420
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 2/4
Active Skill Fork Strike

Re-use time: 20 sec

Causes moderate damage to enemies within specified area.

Passive Skill Full Swing

Normal attacks have a low chance of becoming a small area of effect attacks.

Passive Skill Iron Wall
"Food is the greatest treasure".

A man travelling the world in search of a good food. He's a glutton and a gourmet at the same time, and always keeps nutrition in mind too. He's capable of working without eating or drinking for several days without any problem.

Acquired by clearing awakening quest.

Available from level 20

Nullifies effects of being blown away or staggered.

Other Classes Brute Green 0Spearman Red 0

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