3 Stars
Support White 0
Irina Support 0
Level 1/40
HP 1232
Attack 1400
Gunnery 1808
Loading 2480
Swabbie Slots 3/6
Active Skill Healing Piercing Rapid Fire

Re-use time: 20 sec

Fires 2 piercing shots that provides moderate healing and clears status ailments or highly effective ship repair to friendly ships.

[Effective from Mothership and Support ship]

Passive Skill Enlarge Support Area [SUPER]
Provides a major boost to the support effect area of the support ship you're aboard.
Passive Skill Quick Reload
"May God bless you, lost lambs."

A kindhearted sister filled with love and smiles. She is capable of using healing powers. Many poeple adore her, and she is devoted to her daily volunteer work. However, she has a hidden side to her as well...

Available from level 20

Provides a major boost to attack speed for the ship you are aboard for 10 seconds after start of battle.

Passive Skill Armor Enhance
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 40

Provides a moderate boost to defense for the ship you're aboard during battle.

Other Classes Healer Blue 0Musketeer Green 0

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