1 Star
Brute Blue 0
Krueger Brute 0
Level 1/20
HP 1670
Attack 1080
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 2/4
Active Skill Powerful Breaker

Re-use time: 20 sec

Causes minor anti-material damage to enemies within range.

Passive Skill Destroyer

Has a low chance to add an anti-material effect to normal attacks.

Passive Skill Clear Trap
"Apologies. I seem to have frightened you."

A merman who possesess a body like a shark. He may look ferocious, but he's actually quite the gentleman. He's very good at swimming and can submerge underwater foor a very long time without breathing.

Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 20

When you activate an enemy trap, the trap's effects are nullified.

Other Classes Musketeer Red 0Spearman Green 0

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