Mission Map

This is the area where you can finish your Main Story, Sub Story and General. This is where the story of your fleet unfolds as you journey the seas.

Map UI

1. Pirate leader

Display the avatar of your pirate leader. If you tap this icon, you can choose the available pirates that you want to assign as a leader.

2. Level

Display the level of your account.

3. Stamina

Current Stamina amount. Indicates also the maximum amount of your Stamina.

4. Gold

Displays the current amount of Gold that you have. Indicates also the maximum amount of Gold you can store.

5. Grog

Displays the current amount of Grog that you have. Indicates also the maximum amount of Grog you can store.

6. Gems

Displays the Current amount of Gems that you have. You can tap the plus + button to go to the Gem Shop and buy more Gems.

7. Duel Icon

You can battle other players in this section. This is where you setup your Offensive and Defensive fleet for Duels. Also available here is the Exchange Point Shop, Rankings and Duel Logs.

8. Hideout Button

This button takes you to your Base. You can unlock and upgrade your structures inside the Hideout and get more stronger.

9. Map Name

Display the name of the map that you are currently in.

10. Change Map

Button where you can navigate easily between the maps you have opened.

11. Special Map

These icon were you can see the special maps which you can go to Treasure Island or Bloodline.

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