2 Stars
Musketeer Blue 0
Max Musketeer 0
Level 1/40
HP 1272
Attack 1668
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 3/6
Active Skill Explosive Shot

Re-use time: 15 sec

Fires 1 shot at an enemy and causes minor damage to the area around them.

Passive Skill Piercing Fire

Normal attacks have low chance to pierce for up to 3 hits and blow enemies away

Passive Skill Focus
"What a good catch! I caught some big prey today!"

A fisherman from Fallen Lagoon. he fishes with guns, and is known as the Barrage Fisher. Hes's cheerful to no end, but his personality completely changes while he's fishing, becoming serious and silent.

Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 30

Normal attacks have a low chance to provide a slight boost to own attacks until the end of battle.

Other Classes Swashbuckler Green 0Cannoneer Red 0

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