5 Stars
Desert Warrior
Swashbuckler Green 0
Zaed Swashbuckler 0
Level 1/60
HP 3870
Attack 2898
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 5/10
Active Skill Sword Dance of Sand

Re-use time: 20 sec

Causes moderate damage to enemies within range and a major boost to your defense.

Passive Skill Secret Smash
Normal attacks have a high chance to blow away enemy pirates.
Passive Skill Heal Shot [SUPER]
"If you're in trouble, I'll be there for you any time!"

A nomad warrior who arrived in the sand storm , he is a defende of justice and will rush to the aid of others. His powers are unstoppable, and no evil can get in his way.

Available from level 30

Adds a moderate chance to heal yourself slightly during normal attacks.

Passive Skill Iron Wall
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 60

Nullifies effects of being blown away or staggered.

Other Classes Spearman Blue 0Cannoneer Red 0

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